hi i'm kua and i have a huge obsession with digimon


a lot of my favs r green….

isnt that text post a little harsh since a lot of your lethal interjection crew ships huri and stuff? i mean i totally understand your distaste for it but that doesnt mean you can't be friends with people who are okay with it, you know?

um yeah it kind of was and now that i look back on it i did overreact i was really pissed off because of how uncomfortable some ships make me and how invasive people were being about incest ships? i really hate incest ships and when people question my disrespect towards that it makes  no sense why should i have to explain why i dont approve of incest? 

but yeah i would never stop being friends with someone who shipped incest tbh a LOT of my friends do„, and i dont approve of that but as long as they aren’t like shoving it in my face (which most dont) i’m happy. it doesnt affect my friendship with people if they happen to ship incest, i just dont know why they would and usually seeing it on my dash makes me really uncomfy

i do understand though i made that post because i was ticked off and very confused 

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If you ship incest unfollow me now i don’t want you on my blog or to know me

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No Time Left + Amid The Ruins

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teacher: alright fold your papers in half
entire class: hot dog or hamburger